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Leading By God's Design: Biblical Leadership for the Modern Era

My mission is to strengthen and equip Christian leaders for their important work in the marketplace, the church and in other Christian organizations. I provide individual coaching, group workshops, speaking, consulting and strategic planning, all grounded in biblical principles and designed to help leaders create organizations that are cities on hills – that stand out because they are characterized by better leadership.

Today we live in a world filled with leadership trends. Each month it seems someone announces that he or she has discovered the new way to lead. All suggest that we should not lead millennials the same way we lead baby boomers or any other generation. This is to suggest that God's design has somehow expired – that it doesn't apply in this or that situation. I disagree.

While I accept that each generation is somewhat different, I am convinced that the way to a more satisfying and more successful organization, for everyone, is found in Leading by God's Design. God's timeless design is as powerful today as it has ever been and it often stands in contrast to the latest secular thinking.

Leading by God's Design is not only the right thing to do, it produces dedicated high performing teams. If you think this work might be a good fit for you please call or write to learn more.

Dan Gaynor

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